The Experts in Power Line and Electricity Assessments

Don't Wait Until the Power is Out

Power Line Assessors, LLC (PLA) is an independent limited liability corporation organized in the State of Ohio. Company ownership and daily operations are 51% female and 100% senior.

PLA consists of teams of power line assessors and drivers who are ready at a moment's notice to tackle the most challenging power line and electrical crises. PLA's contractors are retired linemen who have over 4,000 years of experience with major utility companies.

The majority of PLA’s drivers are retired law enforcement officers and firefighters; all are trained as first responders in emergency situations. The PLA management and administrative team of nine have over 300 years of office and IT experience.

Power Line Assessors, LLC
Headquarters Address:
16112 West Park, Cleveland, OH 44111
Mailing Address:
PO Box 110671, Cleveland, OH 44111

Greg Somerville, President/Owner
Phone: (216) 577-4065